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  • [Register] How do I sign up for STOVE?

    After accepting the terms of use, enter your email address, password, and nickname below.

    STOVE uses your email address as your account name and an email verification is required to complete the sign up process, so enter a valid email address that is in use.
    Your nickname will be displayed while you are on STOVE, so choose wisely.

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  • [Install/Run] How do I install the STOVE client?

    In order to play games that are provided on STOVE, you must install the STOVE client first.
    To install the STOVE client, press the menu button on the top right corner of the main screen and press [Download STOVE].
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  • [Register] How do I complete the verification process after signing up for STOVE?

    You must complete the verification process in order to use any game service according to the Korean law. The verification is required once when installing and running a game after installing the STOVE client. Press the Install Game button to start the verification process. View Details

  • [Service] How do I edit my profile/cover image?

    Press the camera button on the top left corner of My Timeline to upload or edit your cover image.
    Press the camera button on the profile image area on the bottom to upload and edit your profile image.

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  • [Service] How do I use My Timeline?

    After logging in, click your nickname on the top to go to My Timeline.

    ① You can edit your cover image for My Timeline here. Press the Change Cover Image button to upload an image.
    ② You profile image is displayed here. Press the camera button at the bottom to upload an image.
    ③ Your nickname is displayed here. You can see how many users are subscribed to (following) you.
    ④ Press this button to change your information such as your nickname, password and profile image.
    ⑤ You can configure the privacy setting for posts (feeds) and your information on My Timeline here. (All, Friends only, or Private)
    ⑥ You can post your introduction here. Press the pencil button on the top right corner to edit your introduction.
    ⑦ Your friends are displayed here. Press the + button on the top right corner to add a friend.
    ⑧ You can post text, image and video on My Timeline here.
    ⑨ Any posts that you share will be displayed here.

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