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Stove.exe installation error, NSIS error and signature corruption

If you are experiencing difficulties with NSIS errors or signature corruption, 
proceed as follows to solve the problem.


1. Delete web browser cache and download the Stove Launcher.

※ Internet Explorer
      Click on the Tools gear icon in the top right → Internet Options 
      → in the Browsing History section, click [Delete]. 
      In the popup window, select all checkboxes and click [Delete].

※ Google Chrome 
       Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon on the top right 
       → [Settings] →  [Advanced] → in the Privacy and security section, 
       [Clear browsing data]. In the Clear browsing data pop up, 
       select all checkboxes and click [CLEAR BROWSING DATA].


2. When using a separate download manager program
    If you are downloading a large file, stop the download or close the program, 
    and then install the Stove Launcher.


3. When using a NVidia firewall 
    Remove the NVidia firewall and install the Stove Launcher.
    If you use a GeForce graphic card, please refer to its user manual.


4. When Windows update or driver update is in progress 
    An error may occur if you try to install the Stove Launcher while updating 
    Windows or drivers.
    Retry to install the Stove Launcher after completing all updates.


5. Download the Stove Launcher in another PC, copy the installation file, 
    and install the launcher to your PC 

    To download the Stove Launcher, 
    go to the STOVE website and click [Download STOVE Client].


6. Check your antivirus program    
    The instructions below may not apply to some antivirus programs. 
    Refer to your antivirus program guide.
    1) Update your antivirus program to the latest version.
    2) Deactivate the real-time scanning function.
    3) Scan your PC thoroughly for any viruses or malicious codes.