Customer Center

I haven’t received the membership verification email.

You may be unable to receive the membership verification email in the following cases. 
Please take the measure described in each case.

1. Email delivery is delayed.
   It may take longer to deliver email to certain email addresses.

2. Your email address is not valid.
   Make sure that your email address is correct.

3. Your mailbox is full.
   In this case, you may be unable to receive the email. Delete old email to free up space.

4. Your email account is inactive.   
   An email account that has not been used for a long time may become inactive. 
   Please use an active email account to receive the verification email.

5. Spam filtering service is activated.
   Emails containing certain words may be automatically sent to the spam folder. 
   Check the spam folder.

6. Auto sorting is activated.    
   This function automatically sorts incoming email messages into Spam, Trash, Saved, 
   or other folders.    
   Check the automatic sorting settings.