Customer Center

Viewing My Timeline

Log in and click your nickname at the top to open My Timeline.

① This section shows the cover photo of My Timeline. Click the Edit Cover Photo button to
    upload a new photo.

② This section shows your profile photo. Click the camera button at the bottom to add a photo.

③ This section shows your nickname and the number of your followers.

④ Click this button to change your user information. You can edit your nickname, password,
    and profile photo.

⑤ Click this button to set the visibility of your posts (feeds) and information to Public, Friends,
    or Only Me.

⑥ You can write an introduction about yourself in this section. Click the pencil button on the
    top right to edit.

⑦ This section shows your friends. Click the + button on the top right to add friends.

⑧ Here you can create a post (feed) and upload images or videos.

⑨ Shared posts (feeds) will be displayed in this section.