Customer Center

Exploring Game Timeline

1. Left menu of Game Timeline

2. Creating a post (HTML editor)

Click the Write button in the left community menu, and the following page will open.

① You can select a forum to post.

② This HTML editor helps you make a post more diverse and richer content than
    the existing timeline

3. Creating a poll

To add a poll to your post, click the [Write] button in the Game Timeline,
and click the [Ballot Box] button or [Insert Poll] button in the HTML editor.

After creating the poll, click the Add button. The poll will be added to your post as
shown below.

You can check the number of respondents, the number of votes for each option and their ratios.

4. Search function

In each forum of the Game Timeline, you can easily find posts containing your desired
content by Title, Title + Content, or Hashtag.

5. Post view types

In the GAME Timeline, you can see posts in album view or list view by clicking the album
or list button on the right of the forum.

6. Activity log

From the left community menu, select the [My Activity] button to see your activity
log in the Game Timeline.

You will see the number of posts you have liked, posts you have uploaded and comments
in order of recency.