Customer Center

Exploring STOVE Client

1. Login Screen

① Run the STOVE Client, and the following log in window will pop up.
② Enter your STOVE account and password to log in. Once you log in, the game list screen will appear.

2. Game List Screen

④ Click the STOVE logo on the top left to open the menu list.

3. Individual Game Page

① Back button. Click this button to return to the game list screen.
② Maintenance notice section. This section is displayed only during maintenance to
    inform the service
    opening time and maintenance details.
    Click the X button on the top right of the section to close the notice.
③ Game logo. Click this logo to open the game’s timeline page.
④ Game installation section. If the game is not installed, the [Install Game] button
    will be displayed. If the game is being installed, [Installing...] will be displayed.

    Click the pause button (‖) on the right to pause the installation.
    Once the game is installed, [Start Game] will be displayed. During gameplay,
    [Game running] will be displayed.