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End User License Agreement

Before installing the "STOVE" client on your computer, you must read and agree with the following End User License Agreement (hereafter “License Agreement").

This client software program (hereafter “software") can be installed and used after you agree to follow the conditions stated in this contract.

The program will be installed after the user clicks the “I agree" button below, and clicking the “cancel" button will stop the installation.

If you do not agree with the conditions stated in this license agreement, please stop the installation or running of this software.


End User License Agreement


Software title: “STOVE" client

By installing this software on your computer, it is assumed that you agree with the conditions stated below.

Below is a list of requirements that Smilegate STOVE Inc. requires users to agree on in order to grant a license restricted to personal use by installing this software on one or more personal computers in the user's possession or control.

In addition, this license agreement stands as the contract for “STOVE" client software and differs from the online game service use agreement. The online game service use agreement is available at our official website (, and will become available upon joining the website as a member.

Article 1 Software License

1. Smilegate STOVE Inc. (and all other companies holding rights to this software) grants the user the license to use this software. However, no rights related to this software itself shall be granted to the user.

2. Smilegate STOVE Inc. owns the rights to amend, or make changes to the conditions stated in this contract.

3. The use or redistribution of this software through channels not stated in this license contract is strongly prohibited, and the user may not modify, copy, sell, rent, distribute, or take any actions to make profit from this software without the written consent of Smilegate STOVE Inc..

4. The user may not use this software to reproduce another program or translate, analyze, decompile, disassemble, or do reverse engineering. In addition, the user may not produce derivative work using this software.

Article 2 User Rights related to Patches and Updates

1. Smilegate STOVE Inc. may provide software to fix errors or perform updates in order for the user to continuously play the game.

2. By installing, upgrading, or using updated contents, the user agrees to accept the changes made to the software, and the user agrees to the license contract to apply the patches and updates to the game.

3. Things not stated in this Article follow Article 1, Software License.

Article 3 Limitation of Liabilities and Exemption

1. This software is provided for free and is solely expected to be used to play Smilegate's network internet game services, “STOVE" (including web, mobile, and app service).

2. This software is provided as is, and Smilegate STOVE Inc. does not guarantee or bear responsibility for its features, effectiveness, accuracy, and stability. Smilegate STOVE Inc. also does not bear responsibility even if the software has no expected effects or causes something lost.

3. Any risk from playing the game and using this software is solely up to the user, and Smilegate STOVE Inc. does not guarantee that this software runs under all circumstances.

4. Smilegate STOVE Inc. does not bear responsibility for any damages or losses caused by the use of this software. However, it makes an exception of intentional actions caused by Smilegate STOVE.

5. Regarding clause 4, if by law the damage is clearly caused by Smilegate STOVE Inc., Smilegate STOVE Inc. shall make compensation only for the actual and direct losses caused by running this software. Likewise, Smilegate STOVE Inc. does not bear responsibility for indirect losses caused by the illegal use of this software by third parties.

Article 4 Dismissal

1. The user may dismiss the license contract at any time by removing or terminating this software.

2. If the user takes actions against the articles stated in this license contract, Smilegate STOVE Inc. may terminate the user's license unilaterally without any form of compensation. In this case, the user shall terminate all products related to this software immediately and agree to remove this software permanently.

3. If the license contract ends for any reason, all rights granted through this contract shall be terminated immediately.

4. Article 1, clauses 3 and 4, and Article 5 shall remain effective even if the user's contract ends as a result of actions stated in clauses 1 or 2 of this Article.

Article 5 Others

Everything stated in this license contract abides by Korean law. Should a dispute occur between the user and Smilegate STOVE Inc., both parties may litigate through local courts based on the Civil Procedure Act.

<Supplementary Provisions>

This license contract shall take effect on 09, 06, 2016.